February 3, 2017

By Admin

Bank Matchmaking Platform BankerBay Expands Growth to UK

BankerBay, a web-enabled global deal origination platform, announced this week they have tasked advisory and capital market specialists Bosham Capital Advisors (BCA) to develop strategic positioning for an imminent sales drive in the UK for their investment-banking platform. BankerBay uses an algorithmic-approach combined with manual curation carried from international bankers to match middle-market corporates seeking capital with relevant capital providers across the globe. Currently, the platform has approximately 12,000 members including private equity firms, wealth managers, private banks, corporate sellers & acquirers, real estate brokers and investment advisors with deal-flow spanning 145 countries, and houses over 3,500 live middle-market transactions with an average deal size of around US$40m. In December, the platform generated over $US18bn of deal-flow. Read more.